Coffee at Cafe Gilli Firenze



Monochrome is the ultimate trend in everyone's wardrobe. Embraced by the majority of city-goers due to it's play on silhouettes and comfort. I found myself going to Cafe Gilli in Firenze for a spot of coffee which is the only way Italians start their day. Now this cafe is the heart of all the hype during the summer period and you will be lucky to find a seat in the evenings when they serve dinner and a spot of music which honestly you can hardly hear over the chatter of friendship and laughter. It’s amazing to see the diversity of this suit which took me from morning coffee to an evening out on the town.


The timeless elegance that tailoring can offer to a gentleman is the classic uniform that can be embraced with small accessory changes. Once you understand the basics of patterns, textures and colours, you’ve pretty much become your own stylist. Embrace the inner confidence and invest in tailoring to go to the next level.

Kwari Jacobs