Timeless design and innovation are fused to complete your personalized creation, uniquely tailored for you and with your needs in the forefront to create a distinctive piece.

Your journey begins

The journey begins with the selection of fabrics from our endless library. Woven by some of the best Italian and British millers from silk and wool, these materials will be the base of your luxury made to measure outfit uniquely tailored to you.

In the details

The essence of the Kwari Jacobs Made to Measure lies in an individually customized service at every stage, from fitting to delivery, delivering complete flexibility and elegant points of difference. It begins with the selection of fabrics – the extensive choice including fabric design, intricate details and sizes, cut of the collar.

Personalized fit

The selected exceptional materials, design choices all come to life and make it real. The final stage is the fitting, during which necessary adjustments if any are made for you to leave with a product that looks like you were born with it.